Recipes of North Portugal

Olivia Page, BA Arch, MA Arch,

An architectural research project exploring the manufacture of bio-based waste into construction materials in North Portugal

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Construction Materials


I am investigating the biological wastes of our cities, the rural and industries; researching manufacturing techniques, maker-spaces and waste producers.

I aim to; reduce our landfills, support bio-diversity, remove the need for oil-based products, to support and create local businesses to construction sites.

By working alongside construction sites, auditing and mapping the area for its local biological waste, I suggest construction materials to a specific local area. The following "Recipe Book of North Portugal, Abundant Biological Wastes for Construction Materials", is a sustainable materials guide accompanying the design of a factory manufacturing these materials.

I imagine the architectural applications of these materials and I want to scale them up; collecting, testing, and manufacturing them.



Curriculum Vitae

LVMH MAison/0 Green Trail Winner

Central Saint Martins Spatial Practices Award

MA Architecture


valourising biological waste 

advising on sustainable materials 

spatial practitioner

the waste of our cities, the rural and industries; manafacturing techniques; makerspaces; waste producers;


Olivia Page
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